Understanding the struggles of a Beginner

Because I am one, and that’s ok

So…it’s been some time since I posted last and it’s more or less going back and forth on what the direction of this blog is going to be. At first, this was suppose to be a Journey blog of me just learning and sharing what it was that I learned, but per regular fashion I lost sight as to what it is that I was doing in the first place. Honest to god I would rather just play my video games or watch YouTube videos instead of actually doing the work to change my life. Or even more so, I felt like I needed to be able to teach you guys something when in essence I haven’t been in the trenches enough to really teach anything.

That’s what they tell you, to educate, motivate, and maybe make more sales down the line. Even some of my favorite influencers and entrepreneurs barely talk about this aspect because they are winning so they are able to pull from a place of experience. I guess if I was in their shoes, why would I talk about the mental side of it? Im winning and life is good lol.

However, I’m not there and Im no longer being ashamed to say that. I do like to write, I have that itch to do it in more times than Im able to remember. Where am I going with all this? Im just going to write regardless and not judge every piece of content I put out. Will it change the focus of what the site is? Not really because it’s meant for me to document the very beginning and just again, share what I learned. If I’m going to do this road of Digital Marketing (starting with Affiliate marketing), then I have to do it being the most authentic and not fake it until I make it. That saying has ALWAYS rubbed me the wrong way even though the intention at most times is pure.

This journey will not be easy nor will it be perfect. But as long as you make a conscious effort to try

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