I mean we are all very aware of Canva at this point.

And while it is a great app (50 million downloads via Android. Sorry, I have an Android phone lol), you might be thinking “well I want to mess with something new”

And for that I GOTCHU.

So lets take a look at the 5 Alternatives to Canva:

(Disclaimer: they are in no particular order, so bare that in mind)

(P.S: I’m not affiliated with any of these companies, Just simply linking to their payment plans, if any)


It’s about what you would expect from a Graphic design app. It’s what you use (much like Canva) to create content for social media, ads, etc etc if you lack the design skills. Pretty much all I will list will be just that. The App is free on iOs and Android according to the website (On Android side I can confirm it’s in the Play store).

They have a premium if you want to go ahead and subscribe to that here

2. Piktochart

Like I said, all of them will roughly have the same Description. But this is another one you can check out. I Scanned their site to see if they have a premium at all, and low and behold they do (here). Yes, it is free…but I share out the payment plans JUST IN CASE you was like “well, the free side cool but…what that premium looking like?”

3. Wave.Video

Alright, so this one is round about the same…but with a lean more towards video content. Which is cool if you were trying to promote like a snippet of a video, podcast, and/or whatever it is you are working on. Of course they have a free version, as well as a paid version you can check out here. Now when I checked, there doesn’t seem to be any App for this at all…so this will be more of a quick Desktop editor.

4. Taler.app

Ok, this one confused me just a little bit. I’m going out on a limb and say this is a new-ish app. As a Matter of fact, when I saw “App” in the name, I would of figured there would of been an actual one. When I checked the play store however, I didn’t seem to find it. That’s ok though, they may be in the beginning stages (I saw their templates for FB, IG, and YT, which looked really good). Yes, it’s free (currently no premium). Keep a lookout for this one.

5. placeit.net

Alright so, this one looked new as well (not the website, but rather the App itself). At the time of writing this, it currently has about 500 downloads in the play store (which Im sure will grow in time). I checked out a few of the templates (the gaming ones looked really official), and it would be a good look to use these. Now this one does have a premium, but it didn’t have a dedicated page (Rather a pop-out). Looked a little pricey, so wherever or not it would be worth it well…would be up to you. And to eliminate the question.. yes they have a free side.

And there you have it.

5 Alternatives for Canva if you was either tired, bored, and/or wanted to see something new.

Shoutout to Gaby Ross over at https://www.snackablemarketing.co/ for the inspiration of this post.

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