It’s been a bit of a minute since I’ve written something.

Part of it is figuring out “What should I write?”, in which took me quite some time.

The other half is me not trying to regurgitate the 300 million things that others have written.

Sure, it brings in traffic (and even wonderful SEO blessings from google), but what’s the point?

I’ve always been an advocate of writing something resonates with my audience, as well as help them out in any way…even if the SEO portion of it isn’t great.

It can possibly be my inexperience in that field, but it’s least I started.

Anyways, the thought that Swirled in my head is the whole Marketing world.

More and more flood in everyday since corona, looking for answers on “how to make money online”

The reality, is there are a BUNCH of ways to make it…but it takes time to get there.

That TIME deal, is what gets at people…because normally within the 3 month mark is when people tend to quit and go on to the next thing.

And…I don’t blame them. I’ve done it in some capacity with previous blogs (that were primary Gaming).

The Answer to that was (Shameless plug) my Podcast here where me and my brother talk about things that go on in the gaming world.

I also implemented something similar to my IG but it’s still a work in progress.

Why am I telling you all this? well it’s because its part of the “well didja try that” type of mindset.

This whole thought process is basically trying out tings and giving it ample time to breathe (I say about 6 months to see if it’s something worth pursuing).

My criteria was rather simple:
1. It had to be something I could enjoy doing

2. Not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but adding my own little twists to it

That’s really it in a nutshell.

I may end up being very successful with this and grow gradually (and organically I hope), or I may end up flopping and be back to the drawing board.

Whatever the result is, I want to at least be happy knowing that I’ve tried.

Plus…if it works, I can simply share with you what worked and what didn’t…so it will be great for content.

I can actually add some genuine value and not talk about for the 300 millionth time “What is affiliate marketing” or ” 10 ways to make money online…Breathing being one of them”.

The “didja try that” mindset is something I want to continue forward with.

The concept itself is not new and to many is something they already heard before (Im sure)

But hey, we trying to grow over here lol.

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