We back for annnotheeerrr blog post.

I know, you don’t have to say it, it has been a long ass while since I posted.

Part of it is life, some shiny object syndrome, and the last part being I get distracted very easy.

Lets continue what I was talking about and break them down into parts.


So a contributing factor is that thing that we call Life.

At the time of writing, I still have my 9-5 (as well as some personal shit that Im dealing with)

There’s not much more going on apart from going through a pandemic (and at this point, I can’t really use that as an excuse since it’s been about a year since COVID has been a thing)

Shiny Object Syndrome

Listen, Listen, Listen…it’s been rough out here. Now, this not to say I get caught with the affiliate programs that literally just dropped that have little to no credibility…oh no.

Im talking more so about the programs that have been around for a while and then not giving the proper time to allocate to all of them.

To give you some a backdrop, I’ve been working becoming a trader, affiliate marketer, blogger, fix credit, real estate, etc etc.

I say all that to say that I found some reputable people that have alot of creditably and well.. because of my consistency issues… you can see how well they are all coming.

It will be something I will talk about later, but the premise is that I want to do too many things at once instead of just focusing on one and build the skill from there.


So on top of being enchanted by the shiny object syndrome, then comes the normal everyday life of me being distracted.

I know that Im not the only one that struggles with this, but I want to at least make it known for the sake of the example.

So…peep. I be in the middle of trying to focus on being a better person and building skills and what not, then.. out of sheer no where, youtube.

With me being a gamer it’s much worst, since I’m subbed to people who have updates to specific games I play or any gaming news that I may come across.

(Shameless plug time) I have a gaming podcast that I do with my brother (One of the few things I’ve been somewhat consistent on) on the 2 Nickels Podcast.

I know that’s odd how Im promoting a gaming podcast on a digital marketing journey blog but, it will make sense soon I promise 🙂

So as you can see, the whole consistency deal is rough for me as well and trying to change habits is a bit of a uphill battle.

However, I found that there are some things I’ve learned along the way that May help out (bare in mind, I’m no expert. It’s just me sharing wat I learn…you can honestly do whatever you want with this information)

One of the things I learned about gaining consistency is that to make the shit stupidly easy to do.

Like for me, one of my fitness goals (because we all have them) is to do 5 squats and like a set of 10-12 wall push ups everyday.

I’ve been at it for almost a week and have been holding pretty strong doing it…because it doesn’t require much of me.

This next one may be controversial but…allow yourself to have an off or bad day quote unquote.

Now why On earth would I say this when the whole post is supposed to be about consistency? No worries, allow me to explain.

We are all HUMAN, which means unless you are that magical top 1% that everyone talks about that just work work works until they achieve their goal…then this should be something you relate to .

The trick to it however, is to make sure your next 2-3 days are good ones, meaning whatever it is you set out to do…make it your priority to get those done.

Basically you need to have more productive days (which is what I term as good), opposed to bad ones…because they are going to happen regardless.

The last thing I’ve figured out about staying consistent is to merely join a group or get an Accountability partner.

I tried this last month with fitness (more like I got dragged to do it, but hey…semantics lol) and I definitely have seen alot of results since I started.

I’ve move more with a sense of urgency, clean up my eating habits (still an uphill battle but better than it was), and have alot more energy.

So that’s all I have to share to at least level the playing field a little bit.

Not this isn’t a complete blueprint, but I’ve had some success with this.

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