Consistency: Learn from my mistakes.

We back for annnotheeerrr blog post. I know, you don’t have to say it, it has been a long ass while since I posted. Part of it is life, some shiny object syndrome, and the last part being I get distracted very easy. Lets continue what I was talking about and break them down into […]

Marketing: “Well didja try that?” type of Mindset

It’s been a bit of a minute since I’ve written something. Part of it is figuring out “What should I write?”, in which took me quite some time. The other half is me not trying to regurgitate the 300 million things that others have written. Sure, it brings in traffic (and even wonderful SEO blessings […]

Tired of Canva? Here are 5 Alternatives to Canva

I mean we are all very aware of Canva at this point. And while it is a great app (50 million downloads via Android. Sorry, I have an Android phone lol), you might be thinking “well I want to mess with something new” And for that I GOTCHU. So lets take a look at the […]