About me

The elephant in the room would be “why does wifischolar exist?” Simply put, It’s to showcase my growth in marketing as a whole. Now I’ve done blogs in the past (mostly gaming, which I will get to in a moment), but I haven’t stuck with it as much as I would of like. The last blog where I went the longest, was a Gaming blog (free) that I did that was at 87 post. Of course, things in life forced me to abandon it.

In this weird time (as of oct 2020), its been a few months into covid-19, where people are losing their jobs, homes, and livelyhoods left and right. The natural response is to look for “how to make money online”. After 9 years of failing and chasing numerous shiny objects, I’m going to attempt again with this blog.

Expect to see the following:
* Books Ive read (Self development books)
* Resources (free and Paid)
* How my Journey is going in different areas
* And just about anything to do with affiliate marketing

This is just the start, but Im sure as time goes on I will re-imagine this about me to a more focused message. So click away, learn something lol